Sandy Hook truthers amaze me

Sandy Hook truthers amaze me

How can people fall for the biggest conspiracy of all time while making a mockery of anything they don’t like?

I’ve been seeing a lot of people posting these videos about how Sandy Hook was a conspiracy, and I’m feeling rather sick to my stomach about it. Not because I think they are true; after reading and watching two separate sources of information, I think it’s easy to dismiss most, if not all, of what they are claiming. I feel nauseated because this is what Americans do when they don’t get what they want. Opposed to gun control? Let’s claim the government killed 20 kids to make it happen—or, better yet, that it never even happened at all.

The thing is, every single person that I’ve seen who posted clips about how Sandy Hook is a conspiracy on Facebook is also a religious person. Organized religion, to me, is the greatest conspiracy of all. Mankind made religion up to explain things we didn’t understand. As anyone how they know Christianity true, and they say, “Because the Bible tells me so.” They trust a single, frequently-altered manmade book as their complete lifestyle guide, yet these same people demand a plethora of evidence before allowing parents to grieve over the losses of their children.

Is the irony really only apparent to me? It’s one thing if you question everything. I am a bit of a conspiracy theorist myself—I don’t think Dr. King’s death or JFK’s, for that matter, were accidental—and I believe in questioning everything. Everything. I’m teaching my daughter to ask questions about everything that she reads and to evaluate evidence herself , and I know that many of the supposed truths in our history books are common fallacies that we’ve simply accepted as fact over time. Print the legend and all of that, right?

But it seems to me that the Obama administration is surrounded by the largest amount of conspiracy theories of any president. It seems as if every time you turn around, if it’s not his birth certificate, it’s some other wild theory that President Obama is the anti-Christ, or the New World Order Hitler, or something or another. I think the rampant racism is to account for much of this, particularly when I see people spreading this information and their opinions of the president. I have a couple of highly racist acquaintances whom I know to assume things about anyone and everything—including me, over the years—who steadfastly believe anything bad they hear about their “n-word” president. These several white men, by the way, are all Christians.

By the way, I wonder how many of these “Sandy Hook truthers” know that the guy behind most of this conspiracy campaign and its videos considers himself the “new age Messiah” who follows an ancient Egyptian goddess? I doubt that fits in with your whole hellfire and damnation thing.

And while I’m not discounting that Obama can do wrong—all presidents do wrong at some point or another, and like I said, I believe there are conspiracies within any group in power at some point—but without any real credible evidence, this particular group of “truthers” is either denying that this mass shooting ever happened or that it happened differently, and they are causing so much pain and disgrace to these families. I’d also like to ask them about every other incident of mass shootings in our violent history—are they all conspiracies? How many do you want to justify not having freaking assault weapons available freely, without even a background check—and when you really expect peace to occur with so many weapons floating around?

Aren’t the meek, not the mighty, supposed to inherit the earth? I doubt the meek are supposed to tote around assault weapons.